Program on the Building of the
Over 100 Historic Photos
Transcontinental Railroad 
150th Anniversary 
of the Golden Spike 
 (on May 10th, 1869)
Friday                April 19th                7:30 PM Free
                        Chicago Union Station 
             (500 W Jackson Blvd -- Room 107A) 
By Charles Paidock
Extensively Illustrated Powerpoint / Slideshow Program will cover:
-  historical development of transportation
-  the first steam engines and development of the American 
   standard 4-4-0
-  the movement west 
-  building the transcon and a trip on the finished route
Note: Steps into Room 107A interfere with wheelchair use. 
Enter at 500 W. Jackson Blvd., between Clinton & Canal, just three steps. 
Railroad Club of Chicago